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Payment Options

Spiritual Counselling Diploma

Option 1 - 540 initial deposit, to be followed by thirteen monthly payments of 220 (more than 10% discount)

Option 2 - 775 initial deposit, to be followed by 875 three months later, a further 875 three months after that and a final payment of 875 three months later (more than 10% discount)

Option 3 - 3330 for the entire diploma (more than 12% discount)

Option 4 - 795 initial deposit, to be followed by ten monthly payments of 260 (more than 10% discount)

Holistic Healing Practitioner Diploma

Option 1 - 2675 for the entire diploma (more than 12% discount)

Option 2 - 675 initial deposit, to be followed by 675 three months later, a further 675 six months later and a final payment of 675 nine months later (more than 10% discount)

Hypnotherapy Diploma

Option 1 - 2495 for the entire diploma (12% discount)

Option 2 - 640 initial deposit, to be followed by 640 three months later, a further 640 six months later and a final payment of 640 nine months later (nearly 10% discount)

Spiritual Life Coach Certificate (5 modules)

Option 1 - 1290 for the entire course (thereby receiving more than 7% discount)

Option 2 - 450 initial deposit, to be followed by 450 three months later and a further 450 six months later (more than 3% discount)

Soul Plan Reading (3 day Practitioner training)

This is included in the Diploma courses and Spiritual Life Coach or can be taken separately at 395

'Taster Option'

695 for three (2 day) modules if paid in full in advance (thereby receiving a 55 discount). Otherwise pay 175 deposit for 3 modules and a further 3 payments of 175 for each of the 3 modules can be paid by cheque or credit card a week before each module or in cash on the first day of each module.


Holistic Healing College reserves the right to alter the structure, content and name of any of our courses, replace advertised facilitators (with other qualified facilitators) and refuse admission to any person considered unsuitable, without explanation. Although holistic healing and spiritual counselling are used to treat a wide range of conditions (both mental and physical) this course may not be suitable for those persons experiencing certain mental/physical conditions. If you are experiencing a mental condition that has or may warrant psychiatric attention you must seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner. The same is true of any serious physical condition. If you are in any doubt as to your suitability contact us for further information.

In order to avoid the high cost and waste of e.g. constantly reprinting brochures we wish to state that it is possible that over time there may be some changes to the courses, venues or other information outlined in our brochure or other online promotional material.

Once you are on the Diploma course and have paid a discounted full fee, deposit or part instalment there will be no refunds if your circumstances do not allow you to complete the course. However you will be offered the opportunity to join the course at a later date (must be within a year and a half).

Furthermore it will always be assumed (unless we have been told otherwise in advance) that you will attend each subsequent module. You don't have to attend each one in order - you can miss one and take it next time around* but we do need plenty of notice. We understand there will sometimes be a good reason why someone cannot attend at short notice but even in such cases we have to have some fall back for the financial implications this has on the running of the College.

Therefore if you are on the Diploma but cannot attend a module:

- with 4 weeks or more notice given there is no penalty and you just take the module next time around

- with 2 to 4 weeks notice you must pay 25% of the current module price when you take it the next time around

- with 24 hours to 2 weeks notice you must pay 50% of the module price when you take it the next time around

- with no show / no notice given you must pay 100% of the module price when you take it the next time around

These charges will apply whether or not a module is fully booked, as in the greater scheme of things we will still need to fit you in next time and such things affect our marketing budget, time and administration. Furthermore on a more abstract level we always take into consideration (or have a meeting with the Teacher prior to the course to discuss) the current group dynamic which can change considerably with the absence or addition of even one individual.

It may be possible to take (only certain) missed modules privately with the Tutor but this will incur the Teachers fee. If for some reason you cannot wait for the module to come round the next time it may sometimes also be possible to take a missed module with another group at one of our other venues. The additional fee for this is 35 on the first or second occasion but 75 for any venue change beyond two modules (we prefer students as much as possible to stay in the same group).

Towards the end of the course those wishing to practise professionally will take an assessed client session facilitated by a Teacher. The Teachers fee is 75 and can only be paid at that time and not in advance. At the end of the course all students who successfully complete the course receive one Diploma Certificate at no charge. However replacements for lost / extra certificates will incur a 5.75 admin fee.

Thank you for your application.


Privacy Notice:

We take your privacy seriously, and will never pass on your personal details to anyone else.